5 Best Nespresso Coffee Machines

The Best Nespresso Coffee Machines

Nespresso is one of the most famous coffee brands on the planet. A name spawn by global giants Nestle referring to their capsule coffee products; a single use container full of ground beans and some with added flavourings. Nespresso are one of the biggest names in capsule coffee and it’s easy to see why. Their range of coffee products is so expansive which enables you to brew amazing coffee from around the globe. Plus, their machines are truly exceptional.

Over the last decade Nestle have opted for certain manufacturers to create their Nespresso machines as they seek to take advantage of growing domestic demand. The most common machines available are made by Krups, Siemens, Magimix and DeLonghi but which one is the best? Fingers crossed our guide to the best Nespresso machines can answer that for you.

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DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Plus


Immediately, we know what you’re thinking, that £735.00 is an awful lot of money to spend on a coffee machine. Stay with us to see why we think this machine is worth such a big outlay. It really is one of the best capsule coffee machines on the market.

Not only does this machine carry the DeLonghi brand, it also comes with a whole host of features no other Nespresso machine can offer. Starting with its rapid 40 seconds heat up time and whopping 19 bar pressure; this really is the top dog of Nespresso machines.

There are some quirkier features about the Lattissima too; you can program keys to dispense your favourite drink with a single touch. It also boasts an automated milk frothing system. The milk jug is attached to the front of the system and frothed milk can be added with a single touch. This is particularly impressive if you’ve ever tried to froth milk with a steam arm.

We appreciate that this is a relatively expensive item but for everything it offers, it is well be worth the money. And, there’s always the second hand market through Amazon should you be interested.

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Krups Pixie Coffee Machine


At less than half the price of the DeLonghi, you expect the Krups Pixie to sit in its shadow but you’d be wrong. This little machine has star quality all of its own.

A fascinating design sees all the heating elements in the centre of the machine. You will find the sizeable water tank to the rear and the dispenser at the front. Pods are inserted just above the dispense nozzle. And, it isn’t only the look of the machine that is head and shoulders above the DeLonghi.

The Krups Pixie machine heats up in 25-seconds and can brew a coffee from the Nespresso pod in 30-seconds. If you’re on the go, you can certainly appreciate this monumental speed. Granted, you may think such fast heating would use a lot of power but the Pixie is a very low consumption product. It goes to power off after a short period thanks to its rapid heating time.

We were blown away by the Krups Pixie and at £360.00, we can justify the spend to a greater extent than we could with the DeLonghi. The only negative is the lack of foamed milk and you rely on the capsules themselves for Cappucinos etc. Though you could use the money you saved by not buying the DeLonghi to purchase a steamer!

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Magimix Pixie Coffee Machine


You may be wondering how the Magimix Pixie differs from the Krups Pixie and, from first impressions, there’s not a great deal of difference. So why the massively reduced price compared to the Krups? There are a few key differences that affect the price but you’d be surprised how little they actually impact on the Magimix’s performance.

The Krups machine heats up in a lightning fast 25 seconds and the Magimix is slower than this despite a similar ThermoBlock heating system. Whilst it’s by no means tortoise slow, it’s a noticeable delay. This delay is offset by a clever standby system wherein the Magimix goes to ‘sleep’ after 30 minutes without use. However, the machine maintains an amount of heat in the system and this standby can be adjusted to just 9 minutes for the energy conscious.

The biggest positive for the Magimix is the inclusion of the Aeroccino 3 within the purchase price. The Krups’ downfall is the lack of fresh milk options. This detracts slightly from that bean-to-cup taste and the Magimix includes the Aeroccino 3 to combat this issue. The Aeroccino 3 is a milk frothing device that heats and foams milk at the touch of a button. To purchase separately, the Aeroccino 3 is a £50 peripheral, you can’t argue with the value.

The big question is which is superior, the Krups or Magimix Pixie? The answer is simple; neither. They both have their positives and negatives depending on your needs from a coffee machine. You can purchase an Aeroccino along with the Krups at additional cost but for those on a budget, the Magimix wins.

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Magimix Nespresso U


Another entry from Magimix sees a very ergonomic take on the Nespresso machine – the Nespresso U. This machine was developed based on feedback from customers who found the Pixie and similar models too ungainly to sit on their work surfaces.

The Nespresso U addresses this problem by allowing the user to move the tank through 180 degrees, allowing for a side mounted tank if needed. It also utilises the same technology as the Magimix Pixie for its ThermoBlock heating system and standby mode.

There are three preset cup sizes to choose from and the machine automatically ejects a used capsule. Combining this with a three year Nespresso guarantee, including home collection, it results in a bargain machine. You even receive 16 Nespresso capsules in the box.

Admittedly, the lack of milk option does detract from the overall appeal but the Aeroccino is only £50 as a peripheral. St £129.95 for the machine, you can probably afford the addition.

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AllMyCoffee MCM001 Coffee Machine


This is where things get a little interesting as the AllMyCoffee machine isn’t actually a Nespresso machine per se. It has been designed by a third party to be compatible with Nespresso capsules and the company have adhered strictly to the rules and regulations surrounding the development of the product. The result? A seriously affordable machine that uses your favourite Nespresso coffee capsules.

There are a few words of warning with the AllMyCoffee machine but they are relatively minor. Firstly, their user manual states the machine is compatible with most Nespresso capsules but it worked fine with all of the standard pods we have tried. Secondly, there is no mention of a direct warranty or guarantee so it reverts to statutory rights (12 months warranty from purchase).

At such a low cost, it is hard to see why you would look elsewhere. Though, one nagging doubt is the lack of full Nespresso endorsement. This isn’t an item you’d be sold by Del Trotter but if you prefer a household name, this perhaps isn’t for you.

Best Nespresso Machine

The machines we have tested and reviewed cover the bulk of the market. There are only so many designs and as the price increases, you really are paying for a brand name and faster heating times. When it comes down to what you want, bear in mind: price, warranty and quality of coffee.

Our personal recommendation is the Magimix Pixie with Aeroccino 3. This machine covers all bases as far as a Nespresso machine is concerned and includes an expensive add for a very reasonable price.