About Us

We founded Coffee Machine Reviews because we saw the market for coffee machines becoming confusing and, in many ways, unhelpful for the customer. We believe it should be an easy decision for you when choosing a coffee machine to suit your needs and your budget so we created Coffee Machine Reviews to give the best reviews of brands and products to clear up the confusion created by the market.

Our independent reviews have been written by coffee experts who have tested a huge variety of machines and products so you don’t have to. Our clear, concise guides take you through everything you need to know such as the quality of the coffee, ease of use and cost vs warranty information to provide the most in depth reviews available.

Coffee Machine Reviews’ love of coffee is shared by millions around the world but that love can also change to disdain if the product isn’t quite up to scratch. A disappointing cup of coffee can spoil all kinds of moments from something as regular as a breakfast meal to the after dinner moment and we’re here to prevent bad coffee spoiling anything else.

Everyone has their favourite coffee and if you’re looking to purchase a machine, you need to know it will make your chosen coffee just how you like it. Our reviews look at the options available from each machine from the simple to the more complex. Naturally, we don’t expect a Filter Coffee machine to produce Skinny Lattes any time soon but we keep you informed on the others that won’t either.

You can trust Coffee Machine Reviews to provide the most up to date and accurate information for you to guarantee we’ll find the right product for you.