Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

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Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

For those who love convenience, Bean to Cup machines are definitely for you. They are probably the lowest maintenance machines on the market and require the least effort to operate – realistically, all you need to do as a user is make sure they are full of the necessary products, wait for it to heat up and press the button – simple.

As easy as it sounds to operate a Bean to Cup machine, there are still hundreds on the market and it can be difficult to know which to choose. Do you want a machine that you can set to brew at a certain time? Do you want a machine you can fully dismantle to clean? Or do you just want a coffee machine that makes coffee?

Thankfully, you needn’t ask these questions because our dedicated team of researchers have tried and tested an incredible amount of these machines on your behalf to give you the information you need when choosing your ideal Bean to Cup coffee machine:

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Bosch TES71221RW VeroBar


Bosch are quite a big name as far as coffee machines go but we weren’t certain even they could produce a Bean to Cup machine worth such a hefty price tag. As a general rule, Bean to Cup machines are more expensive than many others on the market given their functionality but £429.99 really is as far as you need to go.

Not only does the Bosch grind beans for you and brew at the touch of a button, it also comes fully equipped with a flexible steam arm and a vast 1.7 litre water tank. This all sounds very standard but we’re only just scratching the surface.

The machine is also equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to select a preset coffee program or even create your own and save them for future use. The Sensoflow system also means there is no delay in heating the water for your coffee – as water passes through the flow system it is heated to optimum temperature before passing through the coffee.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Bosch VeroBar is its milk foaming arm meaning you aren’t restricted to Espresso and Americano – you can enjoy a latte or a cappuccino simply by changing the program the milk foamer will allow you finish it off in style – utterly superb.

This machine really is the top dog in terms of producing coffee but there are a few features missing such as a programmable timer allowing you to wake up with your favourite coffee – for the money you really expect this so sadly it loses a few marks resulting in 8/10.

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Delonghi Magnifica Bean to Cup espresso machine ESAM4200


As you may have gathered from our other reviews, DeLonghi have a tendency to slightly overprice themselves based on their reputation. This is absolutely fine and we don’t judge them for increasing their prices as their kudos rises but we do judge when their machines simply fail to live up to their price tags.

The Magnifica does an excellent job of grinding beans and producing delicious Espresso and Americano; plus its steam arm is a triumph of design but that really is where the positives start to dwindle. The water tank is 1.8 litres and allows for steam at any time thanks to an intelligent heat reserve system that constantly maintains pressure.

The machine also cleans itself every time it is powered up or down and suddenly you feel like you’re running out of good things to say about the DeLonghi Magnifica and, in reality, you are. Sadly, this Bean to Cup machine just doesn’t do enough to justify its hefty price tag and is overall a little too reliant on the end user.

The principle behind a Bean to Cup machine is convenience and the emphasis on the user is very high with this machine. It does have its plus points in its capacity and the quality of coffee it produces but this machine doesn’t even include a milk frothing jug – surely at £312.00 one could be thrown in?

Purely due to the quality of the coffee the machine produces it receives a 6/10 but much refinement is needed on DeLonghi’s part to make this a really good machine.

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Philips Grind and Brew coffee machine HD7765/00


An Innovative take on the Bean to Cup system sees Philips merging the Grind and Brew function with some of the features of a standard Filter Coffee system. This is a system that really works despite its simplicity as you take the fresh brewed experience of a Bean to Cup and merge it with the multiple cup production style of the Filter system – utter genius.

The innovation doesn’t stop there with this Philips machine as they have introduced a novel concept for those who like different coffee beans – their bean container has two compartments which can be selected with the turn of a dial. Not only that, another dial allows you to select the overall strength of the brewed coffee; in terms of being user friendly, Philips have it down to a T.

The LCD screen also allows you to program the machine to brew at any time of day as a preset; meaning you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee at the touch of a button. They really have thought of everything an end user may want from a Bean to Cup coffee machine with this combination system and we were very impressed with the brewed coffee – there’s even a simple system to select how many cups you’d like brewing on the side of the machine.

Philips also offer a superb warranty with this product showing you needn’t spend the hefty amounts you may have first thought for a Bean to Cup machine – it cannot be anything else than 10/10.

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Igenix IG8225 12 Cup bean to coffee maker

£73.00 (Best Price, RRP £149.99)

Another combination machine sees Igenix merging the Bean to Cup function with that of a Filter Coffee machine – only this time at a lower price. We found £73.00 as an available price with minimal effort and it’ll no doubt be the same for you should you believe the Igenix is the right machine for you; and we really can’t see why it wouldn’t be.

We’re big fans of its purposeful design and it’s built in timer allowing you to preset a time for your first brew of the day. It also features a permanent, washable filter that’ll save you costs in the future buying paper replacements.

Igenix are better known for producing Filter Coffee machines but this foray into the Bean to Cup market is a very successful one – the grinder itself is very efficient and really quite quiet considering its purpose. It also has a large 1.5 litre water tank capable of brewing up to 12 cups in one go – utterly ideal for the office!

Despite the buttons being relatively small and a lack of labelling on the machine itself, the controls are very intuitive – almost as though Igenix worked out the best place for each function to go and placed them there deliberately.

We really are impressed with this machine and even at full retail price it is an absolute bargain. We might like to see a milk foaming arm as a single criticism – some people do prefer cappuccinos and lattes and it is a little restrictive in that department. Even so: 7.5/10.

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Delonghi Bean to Cup coffee machine ESAM2800


Another pricy entry from DeLonghi sees a traditionally styled Bean to Cup machine that looks remarkably unlike any other Bean to Cup machine we’ve reviewed. The beans have been hidden away within the machine so you’ll have no idea how many are in there nor their quality without opening the machine up and having a good look around – not the best start.

The DeLonghi does redeem itself in places: the grinder is very quiet and the removable water tank is a vast 1.8 litres but that isn’t the biggest positive of the machine as a whole. In fact, the most impressive feature comes in the form of the milk foamer which can be left to its own devices whilst it froths your milk – be careful to keep an eye on it however, as it may go over and make quite a hot mess.

The machine self-cleans when it is turned on or off which makes maintenance very easy and, if you run out of fresh beans, you can always use pre-ground coffee as an alternative. This machine really outdoes the other, more expensive DeLonghi we have reviewed and to some extent the others on this list in its own right.

It’s easy to use and is surprisingly compact for a Bean to Cup; it really has impressed us but that price is still up there 7/10.

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Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup coffee machine


Gaggia are a favourite brand of ours and with very good reason: they manufacture some of the best machines we’ve ever used. The Brera Bean to Cup is no exception to this rule and although the surrounding the price tag may seem hefty we assure you that it’s worth every penny, or drop!

The Brera is a very energy efficient machine, one of its key selling points, and goes into its standby mode after an hour without use: in this mode it uses less than one watt of electricity per hour and can be brought back to full operational temperature in seconds. Incredible efficiency combined with a rapid revive function is a winner for us.

The grinder is ceramic instead of the more common metal and plastic variants for very good reason; ceramic grinders are far superior in the same way ceramic brakes are on a car – they don’t dull with use and are phenomenally easy to clean. The ceramic grinder also has much finer grinding settings allowing you to select the perfect coarseness for your brew.

The instructions are very clear and the controls are limited to four buttons; you genuinely need no more than this. One activates the machine, another operates the coffee dispense, one to set volume and another to set the coarseness of the grind – simple as that. The steam arm is operated with a valve on the arm itself allowing you full control of the pressure during steaming.

The used coffee is deposited into a discreet bin aside of the dispenser – be aware to empty this regularly lest you encounter an unpleasant surprise after time.

Gaggia have certainly impressed us enough to justify the hefty price tag – almost. £394.99 is a little too much for a machine with no timer setting and a slightly smaller 1.2 litre tank. There are better options for the money which is a shame as Gaggia are one of our favourite brands – 6.5/10 purely based on the hefty price.

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Bosch TES750129RW Vero Café bean to cup automatic coffee machine

£349.99 (best price, rrp £549.99)

This Bosch model may seem expensive, even more so based on its RRP, but it is worth considering when you look at everything this impressive machine can do. Just looking at the Vero Café suggests it is a very professional machine with so many buttons and functions to comprehend before you even brew your first cup.

The first innovative function that comes to hand is the dispensing nozzle itself which can be raised or lowered depending on the size of cup to be filled; followed closely by the incredibly long milk foaming arm that allows you to foam a much greater amount of milk at one time than with any other machine we have reviewed or even foam milk directly in your cup/glass and add the coffee afterwards.

The Vero Café also features a ceramic grinder and removable 1.7 water tank for maximum efficiency – less time cleaning the grinder and filling the tank means more time brewing. Speaking of cleaning, the machine cleans its pipework after every brew to prevent any unpleasant build up and ensuring a fresh coffee experience every time.

Thankfully with the number of dials and buttons adorning the front of the Vero Café, the user manual is incredibly detailed and easy to understand; you’ll soon be brewing your perfect coffee with ease.

We are thoroughly impressed with the Vero Café but would suggest at such a high price it may be better suited to small commercial environments and businesses than domestic usage. Even the best price we have found is a lot to spend on a domestic machine with so many others on the market – 8/10 for its possible applications but a solemn 5/10 for domestic thanks to that whopper of a price tag.

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Delonghi fully automatic Bean to Cup coffee machine ECAM 22.110 SB


The last entry from DeLonghi on our list and, thankfully, the best of all we have reviewed. The price tag is still quite steep but don’t be put off, this is a refinement of the other two designs put together to create something utterly brilliant.

The first thing you will notice when using this machine is the distinct lack of noise and this is down to DeLonghi’s silent grinding technology which has an impressive 13 coarseness settings controlled by the central dial. A large 1.8 litre removable water tank makes up the bulk of this machine’s build thanks to the incredibly compact, but effective, ThermoBlock heating system that takes no time at all to bring water to the optimum brewing temperature.

This machine also has a moveable dispense nozzle to suit all cup sizes but this isn’t where the customisation ends. You can set your preferred temperature too; so if you want to drink your cup immediately you can tone down the delivery temperature at the touch of a button – Genius.

We were so impressed with this DeLonghi machine that we decided the price tag is there or thereabouts justified – we would’ve liked a programmable timer but it’s a small compromise in the grand scheme of things for a machine of this quality backed up by DeLonghi’s guarantee. A sure fire hit at 9/10.

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Severin Fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine Piccola premium


Ouch! A hefty price tag for a brand only the experts are truly familiar with but is this necessarily a bad thing? Can a brand you aren’t familiar with win you over? Do you remember the days when you’d never heard of DeLonghi or Gaggia? I think you do and the Severin can win you over just as easily despite costing as much as Starbucks every day for a year!

As we explained earlier, Bean to Cup machines are for those who enjoy convenience and the Severin machine takes it to a whole new level. A top loading bean container also gives you the option of using pre-ground should you prefer it – or if you’re a fan of hot chocolate – and an adjustable dispenser allows you to vary your cup size dependent on preference.

As yet, it sounds quite average but the best is yet to come: the Severin is sold with an automated milk heating/foaming device that allows you to create lattes, cappuccinos etc using freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button – possibly the only Bean to Cup machine on the market that can manage this feat.

The Severin also comes with a built in water filter to ensure nothing compromises your coffee experience – not even hard or soft water. This machine really is a revelation in innovation and we are wholly looking forward to reviewing more Severin products in the future.

You can pick up one of these impressive machines for little over £300.00 with some research and a bit of luck so make sure to do your homework if you do fancy trying the Severin out for yourself – we strongly recommend you do – 9/10.

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Andrew James Premium Programmable Chrome


We couldn’t conduct a review of Bean to Cup machines without mentioning our favourite brand: Andrew James. The incredibly affordable machines manufactured by this company go a long way to show the bigger names what can be done for far less cost.

This particular machine is a combination Filter Coffee and Bean to Cup machine but this doesn’t detract from its superb functionality. We love Andrew James machines for their sheer simplicity and Spartan styling – they give you everything you need and nothing more.

A 1.5 litre removable water tank takes next to no time to heat up and can produce up to 12 cups of freshly ground coffee in double quick time. What’s more than that, this budget model does include a 24 hour timer function that we’ve been craving on machines costing up to six times this machine – you can set it for any time and there will be coffee ready for you there and then.

There are a few compromises: there’s not steam arm or heated milk function so it’s Americano or Café au Lait and that’s it really along with the reusable filter needing to be cleaned fairly regularly to maintain good performance.

These are virtually meaningless however given the positives which also include a two year warranty and enough money left over to buy an Aeroccino if you really crave a latte or a cappuccino. We love this machine and it’s a definite 9/10.

Which is the best bean to cup coffee machine?

The price of a Bean to Cup coffee machine is entirely down to how much you are willing to pay as there are options at the very top of the scale and several impressive budget models. Our personal recommendation remains the Andrew James model – it does everything a Bean to Cup machine should do, it is cost effective, has an impressive warranty and produces exceptional coffee.

If you are looking at the pricier models, be keen to research prices thoroughly to get the best deal. Online auction sites and major online retailers often have the best prices on these machines meaning you could save a fortune – we generally advise steering clear of second hand machines however as there may be no warranty or a non-transferrable guarantee you can’t take advantage of should it go wrong.