Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 Review

Bosch have a tendency to produce excellent coffee machines and they are rightly regarded as one of the most reputable brands on the market. Renowned for technological innovation, each Bosch machine is slick, efficient and generally on the cutting edge and the Tassimo Joy 2 is no different.  Boasting brita filter technology and a simplistic yet elegant design, find out below of the Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 is the right machine for you.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all Tassimo capsules, the Joy 2 can produce roughly 56 different drinks at present along with additional combination beverages courtesy of the milk frothing pods etc.
  • A generously sized 1.2 litre water tank reduces the need for frequent filling and increases the convenience factor of the Joy 2 exponentially.
  • The Joy 2 is also one of the quietest machines we’ve ever encountered. With some care when inserting a pod; you’ll barely hear the brewing process – a god send in a shared home!
  • The customisable dispense function makes the Joy 2 one of more flexible machines on the market as you can choose from five different cup sizes and an adjustable drinks tray means even the largest, most elaborate mugs will fit underneath the dispenser.
  • Superb energy efficiency sees the Joy 2 consume zero watt hours when in standby mode and features an auto shutdown function when unused for a period of time that can be programmed.
  • The Joy 2 is also supplied with a special ‘T-Disc’ which is used for cleaning and descaling processes – massively reducing the onus on the user for cleaning.
  • Flow-through water heating sees the Joy 2 come to temperature almost immediately after powering up – no waiting around for a brew with Bosch.
  • Brita filter technology within the water flow system ensures the cleanest water is used in your drink – the filter is also a permanent fixture so no costly replacements in the future.
  • Two year warranty for all parts and mechanical failures gives the buyer peace of mind should anything go wrong – though it is unlikely.


Here’s where Bosch machines usually fall down and see the rest of the market run away from them but the Joy 2 can be purchased for as little as £79.99 from Currys. A superbly advanced machine, and one of the best under £100, the Joy 2 one of the most desirable and popular machines on the market at present.

Tassimo capsules are also fairly inexpensive with 16 coming in at around £4.00; even for the limited edition and brand tie in varieties such as the Cadbury, Milka and Jacobs discs. Overall, this machines is inexpensive to buy, maintain and clearly holds its purchase value as even the auction sites see used models sell for upwards of £60.


Simplicity is key with the Joy 2 and Bosch have kept things as basic as possible while improving the ‘behind the scenes’ function beyond the realms of their competition. Even the Dolce Gusto and Nespresso machines cannot compete with the Joy 2, despite their impressive reviews, because it offers something more somehow.

It feels well built, there’s nothing about the machine that causes any irritation or frustration and it produces superb coffee from the Tassimo pods – you simply can’t go wrong with this machine and it’s a firm favourite amongst ourselves and the masses of people who’ve bought one in recent years.