Top Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

Undoubtedly, one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a Coffee Machine is the cleaning process. However, it is also an essential aspect. Descaling your Coffee Machine on a regular basis will ensure that it continues to produce fantastic tasting brews. it will also extend the life of your machine.

Here’s our best tips for how to clean your Coffee Machine.

Espresso Machine

You should thoroughly clean your Espresso Machine this way, at least three or four times a year. Let’s say every season as a minimum.

To clean, use one litre of water mixed with two tablespoons of citric acid, add an extra tablespoon in if you’re using hard water. The water should be about water temperature, though this is not too important. As long as it’s not freezing or boiling, it’s fine.

Once you have mixed the citric acid solution, heat it in the tank of your Espresso Machine and process a brew. Ensure to do this for the machine’s steam arm too, no little pipes can be missed, everything needs to be descaled! Continue to brew until all of the solution has been used. Viola, your machine will be glistening like new and your kitchen will smell wonderful.

Capsule Machine

Take some descaling liquid solution and mix with half a litre of water. Add the solution into the machine’s water tank. Place an empty jug under the cup holder and switch the machine on.

Select the machine’s maximum power if you are able to do so and boil the solution as your machine would with water normally. Once the water has boiled, wait two minutes before removing both the jug and tank, rinsing them both with warm water. Fill the tank with another litre of water, place the jug back underneath the cup holder and again select max power. Brew some more hot water, leave for two minutes before brewing some cold water. Leave the machine for two minutes again. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth and you’re good to brew again.

Bean-to-Cup Machine

Bean-to-Cup Machines are a little more tricky than other Coffee Machines to clean and this process should be carried out every few weeks, alongside a daily cleaning schedule. What parts require cleaning of your machine depends on what type of Bean-to-Cup Machine you use and what parts of that machine are removable.

For the bulk of the machine, place an empty jug under the drinks dispenser. Take 50ml of cappuccino cleaner, many brands have their own specialist cleaning solution so be sure to google this, though any regular cleaner will do just fine if the expense is too much. Add the cappuccino cleaner to one litre of cold water.

Next, simply select the relevant cleaning cyce of your machine, such as milk system clean. Repeat this for all cleaning steps and your machine will be as good as new.

When it comes to descaling, you should aim to do this at least once a month. You’ll need some descaling liquid and your machine’s instruction manual. Failure to read this and failure to clean your machine regularly will effect the performance of your machine. It may also effect the quality of your brew whilst putting your health at risk.