Coffee Myths Debunked

Coffee lessens the effect of alcohol

After a heavy night of drinking, you may head straight for your coffee machine to make your favourite brew and whilst coffee will help to make you feel more mentally alert, it will not reverse any of the negative side effects of alcohol.

If you are still intoxicated, it will not help you retain the power of cognitive thinking, though it may help you to stop passing out. Still, caffeine may help you feel more alert but this does not mean that you are actually alert, your reaction times will be much slower than that if you were sober, so coffee should never be used as a method to sober up.

Coffee and addiciton

Many people try to avoid coffee or limit themselves to just a few cups a week as they believe it will make them addicted to caffeine. This is never the case, coffee addiction is similar to an addiction to shopping or the soaps, there a no serious side effects.

If you are a regular coffee drinker and you stop drinking coffee or reduce your intake, you feel drowsy to begin with and may even develop a short temper and experience a few minor headaches. However, these effects are very little and not long lasting at all, a couple of days at the most and then the body will adjust without caffeine.

Surprisingly, caffeine does not have any permanent effect on the body, all effects are immediate and phase out pretty quickly.

Coffee causes cancer

This is perhaps the biggest myth we felt the need to debunk. Previous studies have revealed that there is no connection between cancer and coffee, so you can put your mind at rest. On a side note, it also does not prevent cancer. Simply, coffee has no influence on cancer, negative or positive.

The darker the bean, the stronger the coffee

This is not at all true. The reality is that the strength of a coffee is mostly dependant on the ratio of coffee to water that you use and how long they stay in contact for. Colour doesn’t come into it and whilst many of you may think that a darker roast means a stronger brew, this is not the right mind-set. A lot of brewing methods produce stronger coffee than others, and in regards to caffeine levels, cafetière coffee actually has higher levels than an espresso.