Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review


The Latissima has long been a favourite of reviewers and customers alike as DeLonghi take the next step in improving their premier offering. This is in the form of the Lattisima Pro. The original was a great machine and only suffered due to its hefty price tag and blocky design. The refinements for the Pro version are evident even upon first glance.

Key Features

  • 19 bar pump pressure, 1.3 litre water tank and an improved 500ml milk carafe makes for a simply perfect capsule machine. The pressure is always on demand, the tank can produce up to 16 cups at once.
  • You will find a variety pack of 16 Nespresso pods included within the purchase price. This allows you the chance to experience much of the Nespresso range immediately.
  • The Latissima Pro has been deliberately designed to accept capsules from third parties who produce Nespresso-esque capsules. The less restrictive capsule receptacle increases its possibilities.
  • The automated milk frothing system is utterly genius and DeLonghi deserve all the plaudits for this innovation.
  • A high positioned dispenser allows for even the largest mugs to fit, plus the removable drip tray offers additional room, if required.
  • The Latissima Pro can be programmed to dispense based both on factory presets or, the user’s preferences.
  • It comes with internal bin for used capsules. This has an excellent capacity with the used pods automatically dropped into the receptacle.


DeLonghi haven’t learned from their pervious mistake in regards to pricing. The machine retails for roughly £360.00 via Amazon and £400 elsewhere. A lot to pay for a capsule machine.

Admittedly, there is a lot more on offer with the Pro model but it still struggles to justify its price tag. Innovative milk system or not, buyers will reconsider their position when manual machines cost as much as the Pro does.

Granted, the price includes everything the machine needs to function and more, though it’s just too much.


The coffee produced is absolutely outstanding and you really can taste the difference between the Latissima Pro and a cheaper model. Plus, the milk frothing system makes it very easy to make milk based drinks such as Cappuccino’s and Lattes.

The machine is rather heavy so once it’s in place, you’d be unwise to try and re-locate it after every use. The short power cable also causes issues, 45cm is all you get so you’ll need to position it in close proximity to a plug.

The Latissima Pro feels solid and well built but you expect this for the price you’re paying. It’s very difficult to get over the pricing point in order to focus on the positives. The con of the cost is just too great, this machine is best for those who prefer luxury living.

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