De’Longhi Scultura Review

According to many connoisseurs, Manual Espresso machines produce the best coffee. Quick brewing times mean these machines are ideal for producing great coffee in an instant. DeLonghi know the Manual Espresso machine has a place even in a modern market that’s littered with capsule and bean-to-cup machines. The brand have gone out of their way to make the Scultura a superb example.

Key Features

  • With a 1.4 litre water tank, you are able to brew anything up to 16 cups before any filling is required. This tank is removable to make for easy filling.
  • Many believe the manual process takes much practice but the Scultura has refined the process for ease. Simply load the ground coffee, lock the arm into place and press a button – simple.
  • All the necessary peripherals are included: Espresso arm, a variety of filters and even a coffee scoop with a built-in tamper to compress the ground beans.
  • The Scultura can be used with standard tea bags, effectively replacing the need for a kettle in the kitchen.
  • A steam arm is fitted for frothing milk and the temperature of both the water dispense and steam. This can be set at the touch of a button.
  • The top of the machine acts as a cup warmer to ensure the chosen vessel is at a suitable temperature.
  • The Scultura is also compatible with ESE espresso pods which can be purchased separately. This is most helpful if you don’t have a bean grinder nor any pre-ground coffee.


At present, the Scultura is available via Amazon for an amazing £149.99, truly staggering for a manual machine of this quality. Its retro design will fit in with any kitchen design and it is compact enough that it won’t dominate a worktop. However, it isn’t small, per se, but it is a well designed unit that has maximised the potential of a medium-sized machine.

With everything you get for your money, you’ll have to look long and hard to find a better manual machine for this price. DeLonghi have priced themselves out of the market in years gone by but they have clearly addressed the issue here. This machine mid-priced yet exceptional.


The sheer number of options with the Scultura make it a great option for any home and any user. There really is no need for a kettle in the kitchen with the Scultura. It will reach temperature faster than most and can also be used with a plethora of brewing mediums.

The side mounted steam arm also, this makes for a much easier milk frothing process. You can manoeuvre the jug without coming close to the hot parts of the machine. This allows for greater ease of movement and improved safety from burns.

In conclusion, all you really need to know is that the price is right and the Scultura makes exceptional coffee.

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