The Five Best Retro Coffee Machines

When it comes to kitchen appliances nowadays, for some, their appearance is just as important as their performance. An unaesthetically pleasing appliance can throw the whole theme of the kitchen right off, even more so if they don’t match.

Retro-style kitchens are the must-have at the moment and as a result, a number of leading kitchen technology brands have released some brilliant retro-esque appliances. And of course, what kitchen isn’t complete without a Coffee Machine?

Our experts tried and tested a range of retro looking Coffee Machines on the market and gave us their verdict. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best Retro Coffee Machines, not just in appearance but in price and performance.


DeLonghi ECOV311.BG Vintage Icona Espresso

DeLonghi always deliver when it comes to coffee machines and they’ve done it again with the Vintage Icona Espresso. This pump machine follows the trend of vintage and retro concepts to deliver the tools needed to create thr quality of coffee you thought only Baristas could manage.

The machine sports advanced technology that guarantees a perfect and authentic Italian espresso. And if espressos aren’t your thing, the “Cappuccino System” combines steam, air and milk producing a rich and creamy froth for delicate cappuccino.

With two separate thermostats, you are able to control water and steam temperatures separately and the machine can be used with either ground coffee, or the Easy Serving Espresso pods. Though, be sure to bear in mind that it is only capable of producing two cups at once, so if multiple cups are needed at the same time, if you may wish to look elsewhere. However, thanks to its self-priming system, the machine is always ready for use so making extra cups will take no time at all. And with an auto-off function, the machine is energy efficient.

Boasting a removable 1.4 litre tank and removable drip tray, the machine is easy to clean meaning that maintenance requires little effort. Available in cream, the machine is purchasable from £159.99, the cheapest price we found.


Ascaso Dream Versatile Coffee Machine

This Coffee Machine promises to take your coffee to the next and it does not just that but with its flawless retro appearance, it will help take your kitchen to the next level. It is available in a range of colours including Meadow Green, Red Gloss, Matte Black, Matte Cream, Matte White, Sun Yellow, Orange Gloss, Matte Chocolate and Polished Aluminium.

Ascaso’s Dream Coffee Machine comes with a cup warmer meaning that if you do become preoccupied whilst brewing your coffee, it will still be warm when you return. The removable 1.3 litre water tank and inox tray both make for easy cleaning.

The dream machine certainly lives up to its ‘versatile’ title and is capable of using ground coffee, pods and pads. Sporting a milk frother, you’re able to make the creamiest cappuccinos if espressos aren’t your thing. Its solenoid anti drip valve stops dripping after the coffee is brewed maximising its excellent taste.

The machine comes with a two year warranty and is able to buy from £489.00 from new, or there are several second-hand machines available for £299.00 if you aren’t looking to spend that much.



Ariete Vintage Espresso Machine

Granted, upon first appearance this Ariete release does resemble something of a sewing machine, however, it is the latest member in the successful range of Toasters, Kettles and Coffee Machines in RetroStyle. The Vintage Espresso and Cappuccino promises to be no different and duly delivers.

With its 15 bar pression, filter holder pods and two powder cups and milk frother, you can prepare coffee and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home, as intense and as creamy as the ones in Starbucks.

The 0.9 litre tank is removable, as is the drip tray which means cleaning is a breeze. The standby function makes for great energy efficient and at just 4kg, the machine is incredibly lightweight. Available in Mint Green, Light Blue and Vintage Beige, the choice is yours. For just £179.00, you can’t go wrong at all.


Smeg ECF01CRUK 50’s Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine

When it comes aesthetic kitchen appliances, no-one does it quite like Smeg. Their Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine which comes with a choice of Cream, Black, Red or Pastel Blue is as brilliant in appearance as it is in performance.

With 15 bar professional pressure and three buttons including a one-cup button, a two-cup button and steam option, you can make Barista quality coffee at home for you and a guest. With a 1-litre removable water tank and water filter as well as a descaling light indicator, cleaning has never been easier.

The cord length of just 1-metre may seem short to some but the machine itself has a net weight of just 5 kg meaning that moving the machine is easy if necessary. At £279.00, it’s a tad more expensive than the DeLonghi and Ariete but it’s well worth the extra expense.


KitchenAid Nespresso Artisan Coffee Machine

It’s no secret that KitchenAid produce some excellent cake mixers but how do they fair when it comes to Coffee Machines? Pretty well as it goes. The Nespresso Artisan comes in a sleek finish and in a range of colours; Almond Cream, Candy Apple, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver, Empire Red and Frosted Pearl so you’re sure to be able to find something that matches your kitchen.

With a 19 bar high pressure system, quality coffee is guaranteed and with this machine all of the hard work is done for you. There is six pre-programmed cup sizes, an emptying mode for care and a descaling mode meaning maintenance is minimal.

It is able to produce variable strengths of coffee to taste meaning you can always brew the perfect cup for you, from ristretto to lungo. And with a heat-up time of just 30 seconds, that morning rush is no more, plus the automatic shut off will put your mind at ease. The 1.4 litre removable tank is easy to fill and clean and allows multiple servings for you and any guests. The cheapest price we found is £247.20, an investment that is more than worth it.