Krups Nespresso Pixie Review

We are big fans of Krups and everything they do for the Nespresso brand but they have truly outdone themselves with their take on the Pixie capsule machine. Nothing is wasted on the Pixie – it’s an efficient, compact unit that produces excellent coffee in an instant.

Key Features

  • 19 bar pump pressure makes for the perfect brew every time and the Pixie comes to temperature incredibly quickly making for a fast, satisfying coffee. One minute, 25 seconds is the average brewing time – impressive stuff
  • 1 litre water tank capacity makes for several cups without filling and the topping up process is simple thanks to a removable tank with a secure lid to avoid spillage
  • The Pixie auto shuts down after nine minutes of inactivity, and can be restarted in seconds, saving a small fortune on electricity if the user forgets to deactivate the machine
  • By registering the machine; users can also opt in for a free recycling service provided by Nespresso – they collect the capsules and re-use them as part of their eco-friendly scheme
  • Two year warranty is included but a replacement service is not; instead Krups offer a temporary replacement whilst your machine is serviced
  • 16 capsules are included with the machine and it is a variety pack to give you a good impression of the Nespresso range
  • 96% of buyers surveyed gave the Pixie between four and five stars – if you can’t trust someone who bought the machine; who can you trust?
  • The Krups model also comes with a function that allows the user to preset their chosen dispense strength and volume meaning you can personalise your machine to your preference
  • Removeable side panels allow the user to colour code the machine to their décor – simply slide the inserts out and exchange them for alternatives (purchased separately)


The Krups name comes with a bigger price tag than the comparative Magimix model but you are getting more machine for your money despite similar appearances. The machine alone will set a buyer back around £139.99 on average but that’s good value for money when you consider the robust design is able to withstand years of heavy usage.

As is common with most capsule coffee machines, there is no milk frothing option with the Pixie but the Nespresso recommended Aeroccino is available from £49.99


The customer satisfaction on offer with the Krups machine is beyond comparision; no other Nespresso machine comes close to the technology and convenience offered with the Krups variant of the Pixie and as capsule machines go it’s one of the most stylish and ergonomic on the market.

We do like the Pixie as a concept and the Krups model is by far and away the best option for Nespresso coffee so if you’re looking for a reliable, durable machine that will allow you to enjoy a range of capsule coffees then this one is for you.