Melitta F850-102 Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine Review


As far as been to cup coffee machines go, the Melitta has really impressed us and can do the lot. With a unique design and a variety of different coffee making abilities, this slick machine is sure to find you the right coffee to wake you up and prepare you for your day.

Key Features

. Can make 21 specialist pre-set coffees using original recipes and the right coffee beans-and to the strength you require

. Has touch sensitive operation without big bulky buttons that get in the way so is easier and smoother to use

. Machine supplies coffee such as espresso, ristretto and lungo, as well as double espresso

. The machine also produces fine cafe creme, americano cappuccino, latte or macchiato so can cater for all your coffee needs

. The bespoke milk attachment chamber can deliver creamy milk on demand

. With the Melitta Connect app you can prepare your coffee from your phone meaning you can create your coffee from the comfort of your own bed; it also has the capability to store many people’s orders and favourite coffees

. The dual bean store means that you don’t need to empty out one supply to swap for another, creating less mess and making this machine easy to use

. Programmes can be set to dispense two coffees at a time meaning if you want to make multiple coffees it won’t take you ages, as can be the case with other models

. The machine monitors the amount of beans in the machine and warns you when you have nearly run out so you will never run out again

. Models come in stainless steel, black and silver 

. The water container holds up to 1.8 litres of water


This machine is not cheap, and will set you back around £850, but is value for money as you are getting one of the best bean to cup coffee machines out there on the market. If money is not your biggest concern then this is a great choice as the machine will deliver great taste and style and will also last for many years to come.


Although it will set you back around £850, given its endless features and SMART capabilities, the Melitta is one of the slickest looking and useful bean to cup machines currently available. It is the ideal machine for all true coffee lovers and It’s an investment for the future that will guarantee that you save money in the long run whilst enjoying some truly amazing coffee.

Melitta F850-102 Barista TS
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