Selecting The Best Coffee Beans For Your Brew In 2020

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Making a decision on the coffee beans you wish to purchase can be difficult, particularly if it’s something you’re relatively new to.

The options are endless and you can end up in a real rabbit hole if you’re not careful.

When selecting coffee beans, the best thing to do is keep it simple. Below you’ll find our top four tips to ensure you’ll get the right beans to suit your brewing needs…

Know Your Preference

While online descriptions on Amazon or bags in stores they really drive the hard sell, but what’s most important is that you understand your own preferences.

Knowing that can really help you establish what sort of beans to buy. For example, if you like a bitter coffee, you may be more inclined to choose coffee made from Robusta beans. For those who prefer a smoother taste, the Arabica bean would be a more appropriate option for you.

If you know what type of coffee you like, then you can be a lot more selective to get the right blend. Another example is if you enjoy strongly tasting coffee, pick coffee beans that have been roasted for a longer period of time.

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How Much Caffeine?

One important aspect of choosing a coffee is the level of caffeine that will be in your cup.

Light roasted beans tend to have the highest levels of caffeine, while dark roasted will have lower levels. 

Of course, the type of coffee you want will largely dictate what type of bean and caffeine level you use, for example, an espresso will virtually always use a medium to light bean. 

What is worth noting also is that there are different health benefits to both light and dark beans, which are also worth taking into account when selecting your blend.

Check The Roast Date

It can be very important to check the roast date as you won’t find a better cup than from a freshly roasted packet. 

Even if you don’t have a grinder it’s a good idea to buy a bag of beans and ask the store or cafe to grind them for you. Often ground coffee from the bag doesn’t follow the same treatment process and you may end up having to endure a lesser cup.

Of course, you can also purchase a grinder or bean to cup machine, which will eliminate the need to even buy ground on the first place.

It may sound obvious, but the more recent the roast, the tastier and fresher the coffee will be.

Avoid 100% Coffee

You’ll often find coffee beans that are labelled 100% coffee on the packet. However, it can often be the cast that this isn’t 100% true. 

In fact, you should rather pay attention to the mention of varietals and you are much more likely to get a better cup of coffee from a bag which contains this information as they are drilling into the finer details of a brew. 

This generally gives the impression that there has been more care put into the batch and they know exactly where everything has come from. 

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