Sweet Tooth Coffee: Chocolate coffee recipes

The thing we love about Coffee Machines is just how versatile they are. They’re perfect for making a whole load of tasty drinks and as much as we love our traditional Espressos and Cappuccinos and so on, we were looking for something to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Many of our experts love coffee and love chocolate and much like sea salt and caramel, they’re two flavours that are a match made in Heaven. Our experts got to work and scoured the net for the best recipes and put them to the test, they weren’t disappointed and neither will you.

They gave us their top chocolate coffee recipes:

Sweet Coconut Dream

For this delightful combination you will need; chocolate sauce, coconut syrup, 50 ml of milk (whatever type you usually use is fine), desiccated coconut and an espresso.

Simply pour the chocolate sauce into a glass, followed by a dash of the coconut syrup.

Using your machine’s milk frother, create a milk foam and then add the produce to the glass, followed by your freshly made espresso. Any espresso machine with a steam arm will work here. We used the De’Longhi EC 680 though, if you are on the search for a reasonably priced Espresso Machine with its own milk frother.

Chocolate Orange

chocolate-1902403_960_720Oh my word, this was the favourite by a country mile and received rave reviews from everybody who tried it. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this drink may just be your new downfall…sorry in advance!

You will need the juice from half an orange, four to five chunks (or one small bar) of chocolate – sweet, semisweet, dark milk, whatever takes your fancy and dark roast beans or ground coffee.

Take the juice from the orange and pour it into a large glass followed by the chocolate. Using your Bean-to-Cup machine (our experts used the De’Longhi Autentica), produce your dark roast brew and pour into the same glass, stirring well until the chocolate is all melted. Delicious!

Mocha Hot Chocolate


They say beauty lies in simplicity and this recipe is proof.

For this beauty, you will need an espresso and some hot chocolate…that’s it. Well, Espresso Capsule and two Hot Chocolate Capsules compatible with a Nespresso Machine. Produce the hot chocolate using the two capsules followed by the espresso, simply misk the two together and enjoy!


For this alternative yet delicious brew you will need 500ml of whipping cream (and a strong arm), 80ml of chocolate syrup, a dash of chocolate sauce, an espresso, cocoa powder and some cinnamon.

To begin, whip the cream with the chocolate syrup before adding the chocolate sauce into an espresso cup, ensuring that the base of the cup is fully covered. Add some cinnamon over the chocolate before brewing the actual espresso. Once the espresso is brewed, mix in with the chocolate sauce and cinnamon before topping with the chocolatey whipped cream, dusting with cinnamon. You’ll never regret this recipe.