The Best Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Pods for Making Iced Coffee Drinks


The last week of May saw the UK bask in some beautiful weather and we hope to see a lot more of it throughout the summer. Though, as glorious as the sunshine may be, it can sometimes mean that you don’t fancy your usual brew of coffee and would rather opt for a cold drink. Iced Coffee is our saviour.

Make the most of your Capsule Coffee Machine, ditch the soft drinks and make a delicious Iced Coffee or Frappuccino. To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pods for making cold drinks and even partnered them with our favorite recipes.

Roma Capsule: Iced Cappuccino

This recipe is so basic but also so tasty. You will need three Roma capsules, sugar, 250ml of full-fat milk and any of the following; a generous punch of ground cinnamon, a pinch of cacao powder, or a pinch of ground nutmeg. A Coffee Machine with a steam arm or Aeroccino milk frother is also needed (you can find coffee machines with such features here).

Prepare the three Roma capsules as you would normally and sweeten with sugar to taste. Pour this into a jug with 200ml of the cold milk and leave in the fridge for around ten minutes. Whilst this is cooling, froth the remaining milk using the steam arm of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother.

To finish, pour the chilled coffee into two glasses and add the frothed milk to each glass. Sprinkle with either cinnamon, cacao, or nutmeg. We highly recommend cacao but the decision is yours!

Dulsao do Brazil: Iced Citric Coffee

This recipe is even more simple than the last! All you need is a capsule of Dulsao do Brazil, two teaspoons of cane sugar, one lemon and some ice.

To start, place a glass in the fridge and then prepare your espresso. Then add to shaker with ice cubes, juice from the lemon and the cane sugar. Shake until the mixture is creamy and you’re ready to be refreshed!

Grand Cru Kazaar: Iced Chocolate Coffee

This is a fabulous take on a chocolate milkshake. The ingredients you need are; two Grand Cru Kazaar capsules, 150ml of milk, two squeezes of macaron syrup, two chocolate ice cream scoops and some crushed ice.

Simply froth the milk with whatever method you will be using. Once you’ve got that cloud like foam, add the syrup before making two espressos with the Grand Cru Kazaar capsules. Add said espressos into shaker with the chocolate ice cream and shake well. Add the crushed ice into a tall glass, add the contents of the shaker followed by the foam and enjoy!


Grand Cru Vivalto Lungo: Iced Latino Café Latte

The only latte to make our top-five but it’s more than deserving of its place.

For this delicious Iced Latino Café Latte, you will need a capsule of Grand Cru Vivalto Lungo, two squeezes of vanilla syrup, 100ml of milk (whatever milk you normally use is fine) and crushed ice.

Add the vanilla syrup into a large glass and fill roughly three-quarters with crushed ice. Next, pour the Vivalto Lungo on top. Use either the Aeroccino or steam arm to froth the 75ml of the milk. Pour the cold milk into the glass and then add the milk froth.

Ristretto Grand Cru: Apricot Iced Coffee

The Ristretto Grand Cru is one of our favorite capsules as it is so versatile, it can also be used to make the Iced Cappuccino and Iced Citric Coffee. We love the chocolatey drinks but fruit-based drinks are all in.

You will need one Ristretto Grand Cru capsule, 50ml of apricot nectar, tablespoon of condensed milk, some crushed ice and a teaspoon of soft brow sugar.

Prepare the capsule as you would normally and pour into a shaker with crushed ice. Add in the condensed milk and shake vigorously before. Then add the apricot nectar and shake again. Pour into a small glass and dust with some brown sugar.