The Best Cheap Coffee Machines Available Today

Coffee machines come in all shapes, sizes and prices today, with some brands such as DeLonghi having state-of-the-art products that can even topple £1,000!

However, there are plenty of brands and machines that can be bought on a budget too.

If you’re looking for a cheap coffee machine or an entry level piece of kit to get you started, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite low priced coffee machines currently available to buy today. 

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

Taking it back to the good old days is this Moka Express machine from Bialetti. In fact, this design has been around since the 1930s when Bialetti introduced it.

Still effective though, it makes a great espresso and all for the price of around £40! 

It’s a traditional way of making an espresso, but that’s all you’ll really get from it, so while £20 is cheap it’s only really a tool for making that one shot of coffee. 

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DE'LONGHI - Dedica Style EC 685.R Pump Coffee Machine

DeLonghi Dedica Style

Upping the price a little is the Dedica from DeLonghi which will set you back around £190. Still one of the cheaper options from the brand, it oozes quality and is one of the best selling machines around.

It’s a machine that is simple to use and produces real quality brews. There’s a steam nozzle for frothing and, while a little pricier than the other options on this list, it’s built to last so you’ll have very few issues over the long term. 

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Klarstein Passionata Pump

Another great machine for making espresso, although you will also be able to enjoy milkier coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos, this machine is priced around £100 on Amazon and is a great entry level machine.

There’s a steam nozzle for frothing, as well as a number of dials to control your water delivery and the right pressure.

You won’t find many frills with this machine, but that’s not really necessary. It’s simple, effective and produced a fine cup of coffee.

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DeLonghi Scultura Pump

Another option from DeLonghi is the Scultura. It’s again priced at the upper end of a “cheap” machine at £300 but you can get some good deals on it and it is built to last.

You always get quality with this brand and this is a traditional looking machine that can use both pods and ground coffee. 

It’s simple to use and in reality you can get a really great cup of coffee from a push of just two buttons. It’s a good starting point for coffee fans before exploring hsome of DeLonghi’s more advanced machines. 

Right now you can even get the DeLonghi Scultura Pump for a huge discount price of £132 at Amazon- just click the link below to get the deal.

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Five of the Most Stylish Coffee Machines

There is so much to think about when it comes to buying a coffee machine. While the most important thing is ensuring you’re delivered a good brew, you also need to consider things such as style.

It’s important that your machine suits your style of kitchen, and with many different variants now available to buy on the likes of Amazon, it’s not difficult to find the right one for you.

There are a number of machines on the market which we consider to be among the most stylish right now, with our top five highlighted below…

DeLonghi La Specialista vs Sage Barista Pro - which is best ...

Sage The Barista Pro

It’s safe to say that there’s not a bad looking Sage coffee machine on the market, but when it comes to the most stylish, we love The Barista Pro. 

It doesn’t come cheap at £600, but it’s a fantastic bean to cup machine that has every feature you could possibly want.

It’s available in a number of colours and has a mini LCD display to keep you in the loop on important factors such as temperature and strength.

It has an in built grinder so you don’t need any extra accessories cluttering your kitchen and what’s more, it’s not so big it takes up an entire worktop either.

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Swan Retro Coffee Machine

If you’re looking for more of a vintage look, then the Swan Retro machine is a great piece of kit that doesn’t cost the earth.

Priced around £90 and available at most major retailers, the Swan machine is available in a number of different colours and is so simple to use.

Of course, it doesn’t have as many features as a Sage, but you’ll find a temperature gauge and options to froth and steam, as well as a number of other settings.

It’s coffee making from the 70s and a beautiful addition to any stylish kitchen.

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De'Longhi Dinamica Review- Tech Advisor

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

If you have the budget to spend aournd £800 on a machine, then they don’t come more stylish than the Dinamica Plus from DeLonghi

It’s a bean to cup machine with in built grinder and an automatic frothing system to make coffee brewing as simple as can possibly be.

It’s style and substance and what’s more, you can even sync it up to your smartphone to control the machine and make a coffee from bed! The only thing it can’t do is climb the stairs to give it to you!

You can make up to 750ml in one go and it, as you would expect, can make a huge range of drinks from its in-built settings. 

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Smeg Espresso Machine

When you think of kitchen style, a Smeg fridge and other appliances will often be firmly in your mind.

The Smeg Espresso Machine is a great addition to any kitchen and is certainly one of the most stylish out there. 

You can make a variety of drinks from an espresso to cappuccino, latte or macchiato, while it comes in a great range of colours.

It doesn’t have the most number of features on this list, but if you’re looking to impress guests, this machine will certainly do that.

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Lakeland 2-in-1Coffee Pod Machine

Lakeland offer a lovely looking pod machine for those looking to keep the costs down.

Priced at around £100, the 2-in-1 machine works with both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods and is a small and sleek machine that can be perfectly placed in a kitchen of any size.

You won’t find a milk frother or much more too the machine, but it looks great, is compact and makes a lovely cup of coffee. What more could you want?

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Selecting The Best Coffee Beans For Your Brew In 2020

7 Different Types of Coffee Beans From Different Countries - The ...

Making a decision on the coffee beans you wish to purchase can be difficult, particularly if it’s something you’re relatively new to.

The options are endless and you can end up in a real rabbit hole if you’re not careful.

When selecting coffee beans, the best thing to do is keep it simple. Below you’ll find our top four tips to ensure you’ll get the right beans to suit your brewing needs…

Know Your Preference

While online descriptions on Amazon or bags in stores they really drive the hard sell, but what’s most important is that you understand your own preferences.

Knowing that can really help you establish what sort of beans to buy. For example, if you like a bitter coffee, you may be more inclined to choose coffee made from Robusta beans. For those who prefer a smoother taste, the Arabica bean would be a more appropriate option for you.

If you know what type of coffee you like, then you can be a lot more selective to get the right blend. Another example is if you enjoy strongly tasting coffee, pick coffee beans that have been roasted for a longer period of time.

Kenya's Grinding Coffee Reforms Leaves Bitter Taste -

How Much Caffeine?

One important aspect of choosing a coffee is the level of caffeine that will be in your cup.

Light roasted beans tend to have the highest levels of caffeine, while dark roasted will have lower levels. 

Of course, the type of coffee you want will largely dictate what type of bean and caffeine level you use, for example, an espresso will virtually always use a medium to light bean. 

What is worth noting also is that there are different health benefits to both light and dark beans, which are also worth taking into account when selecting your blend.

Check The Roast Date

It can be very important to check the roast date as you won’t find a better cup than from a freshly roasted packet. 

Even if you don’t have a grinder it’s a good idea to buy a bag of beans and ask the store or cafe to grind them for you. Often ground coffee from the bag doesn’t follow the same treatment process and you may end up having to endure a lesser cup.

Of course, you can also purchase a grinder or bean to cup machine, which will eliminate the need to even buy ground on the first place.

It may sound obvious, but the more recent the roast, the tastier and fresher the coffee will be.

Avoid 100% Coffee

You’ll often find coffee beans that are labelled 100% coffee on the packet. However, it can often be the cast that this isn’t 100% true. 

In fact, you should rather pay attention to the mention of varietals and you are much more likely to get a better cup of coffee from a bag which contains this information as they are drilling into the finer details of a brew. 

This generally gives the impression that there has been more care put into the batch and they know exactly where everything has come from. 

To buy beans from Amazon today, simply click the button below:

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Which Sage Coffee Machine Should I Buy?

Creatista Uno | Latte Art Coffee Machines | Nespresso

When it comes to coffee machines, few home brews taste better than what you’ll get out of a Sage. They’re one of the biggest brands around and have a huge range of coffee machines to choose from.

Of course, they don’t come cheap but if you’re looking for quality then you really won’t go far wrong.

So, what are the best Sage coffee machines currently available on the market?

Sage Nespresso Creatista Uno

Setting you back under £300 on Amazon, this Sage Nespresso Creatista Uno is a fantastic bit of kit, perfect for milk frothing and a speedy cup of coffee.

It has an automatic steam wand and three different milk temperatures, as well as three different textures to choose from. 

You can enjoy an espresso in just 25 seconds and you can adjust things like size of the coffee and a range of other variables.

It’s highly thought of by many in the coffee world and the reviews left by customers truly have to be seen to be believed.

Nespresso Creatista Uno by Sage review: Like having a barista at ...

Sage The Barista Pro

This bean to cup machine will set you back around £600, but it’s worth every penny with a 2 litre water capacity, quick heat up and a steam wand that can even allow you to create your own latte art!

If you’re into your coffee then it’s a no brainer, with so many options to customise your brew.

It’s a machine that continually receives five stars from customers, although we would suggest it’s for the more experienced coffee fan. After all, it is named the Barista Pro!

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Sage Bambino Plus

The Bambino Plus is a £400 ground to cup machine from the brand and is a lot more condensed. It’s ideally suited for those who don’t necessarily have the space.

It still manages to pack in all the bells and whistles though with a milk frother that allows you to adjust temperature and texture, while you can still get two cups on the go at once and an espresso in 25 seconds.

It doesn’t have an inbuilt grinder, which may put off some, but there really isn’t anything from stopping you grinding your own beans and making the most of this bit of kit. 

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Sage Duo-Temp Pro

Another machine which requires you to feed it already ground coffee is the Duo-Temp Pro. However, this shouldn’t put you off as it’s the perfect machine for those who want a Sage on a bit more of a budget.

It’ll set you back around £350, so still not a steal but it is worth every penny as you’ll get that guaranteed Sage quality and a real classy look.

It’s easy-to-use, ideal for a beginner and offers a beautiful espresso available in a matter of seconds.

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Sage Nespresso Creatista Plus

If you prefer Pods, then like the Creatista Uno, the Creatista Plus is a great buy.

It takes just three seconds to heat up and you can have you brew in three different cup sizes – 0.84, 1.35 or 3.72oz. 

It’s simply a case of adding I’m the capsule and letting the magic happen. The milk foamer is simple to use and is perfect for those who want a no-nonsense cup of coffee in the morning. 

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The Best Latte & Cappuccino Machines Around Today

When it comes to making the perfect latte or cappuccino, we’re blessed with the sheer volume of machines available to make them.

Some of the biggest brands around have machines that make coffee shop standard cups directly from your kitchen. 

We love a latte here, and below you’ll find our top five machines for making the perfect brew.

Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse

This Mr Coffee machine is one of the most revered around and costs in the region of £200. It’s sturdy and will make a great bean to cup brew in just a few seconds.

It has a milk reservoir built in so can automatically mix a latte or cappuccino for you and simply makes the whole process as easy as can be.

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Pro

DE'LONGHI - Lattissima Pro EN 750.MB | Coffee Machine

DeLonghi are well known for producing great coffee machines and this pod machine even has a patented automatic cappuccino system. It’s one of their best models and is simple and easy to use, with six different blend options so you can enjoy an espresso, rust retro, lungo and hot milk on top of a latte or cappuccino.

You can make a brew with various cup sizes and it is jam packed with features to take your drinks to the next level. 

You can even buy it for well under £300, which is a steal, at Amazon here.

Breville Duo Temp Pro

Priced at around £370, this machine is one for the more adventurous coffee drinker with dozens of settings and features to really perfect your latte or cappuccino.

Despite all its features, it’s a relatively compact machine that can easily be stored away, and is particularly low maintenance. 

It has a steam want for frothing and a 61-ounce water tank capacity alongside much more. 

It’s a firm favourite with our team here, and by the look of the Amazon reviews, is with many more coffee lovers too!

Keurig K-Cafe

If you’re looking for something incredibly convenient, low maintenance and can be stored away no problem, then this £150 effort from Keurig could be the one for you.

It’s frother is one of the finest out there and a real highlight, while it has three settings which it really masters – cold, latte and cappuccino. 

You’ll find many people rave about this machine, not least for its lower price and great results. 

It can be bought on Amazon and is certainly one to keep an eye out for if you’re only really interested in lattes or cappuccinos.

Sage Bambino Plus

The Sage Bambino Plus is a £400 machine that is renowned for its cappuccino making. It has a three second heat up time and is a bean to cup machine that really doesn’t compromise on quality.

You can make a wide range of different brew within it, with latte, espresso, cappuccino and americano the best to come out of it. 

It’s quiet, so won’t wake up anyone when making an early morning brew and the styling really takes it to the next level, making it stand out from a crowd of appliances in any kitchen. 

To purchase the Bambino Plus, with free delivery for Amazon Prime members, click on the Buy Now button below:

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The Best Coffee Pods To Buy In 2020

Making a cup of coffee couldn’t be easier these days and the pod system is among the best ways to make a hassle free brew.

Trouble is, in today’s market there are hundreds of brands, flavours and blends to choose from, making it a little tricky to even know where to start. 

Luckily we’re here to help. Below you’ll find some of the best coffee pods around to purchase today, from classics and traditional blends to some of the more innovative capsules around.

The Best Coffee Pods in 2020

Why Are Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules So Popular?

Illy Classico Medium Roast

The old ones are sometimes the best and Illy have been producing this ‘classico’ since 1974. 

It produces a traditional shot of espresso that does all the basics right, and it comes reasonably priced too at £7 for a pack of 18 capsules.

You can get them in 44mm ESE pods so will fit a range of high quality machines. 

Tassimo Kenco Americano Grande

Tassimo are one of the leading names in coffee pods and the brand have teamed up with many big names to create great brews to make at home.

Our favourite is perhaps the Americano Grande which they’ve produced with Kenco. It produces a 270ml drink and a rather lovely black coffee.

Cost wise, you can pick up a pack for £17, which offers up 80 servings. That’s putting your cup of coffee at 21p! Bargain. 

Black Donkey Intenso

A little more artisan is Black Donkey, who have developed a real reputation for fabulous blends.

A pack will set you back £10 on Amazon, and you can buy them here, but it’s a great price with 50 servings from it. The Intenso is our favourite pod of there’s which offers, as you’d guess from the name, an intense flavour that really packs a punch.

It’s full bodied and is a 44mm ESE pod, so will fit in most pod machines. We’re a big fan of this brand, and what’s more you can also pick up multipacks, including the Intenso and Supremo, which is a spicier blend which offers a bit more of a kick.

Don’t Forget Your Milk Pods

Of course, as well as coffee you may also need to pick up milk pods, which can really lift your brew. Dolce Gusto have some of the best pods around, particularly for those looking to make a latte or cappuccino.

Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato & Milk Set

What you will find with Dolce Gusto is you can often buy sets, including this great Latte Macchiato and Milk set. 

It’ll set you back just under £6 on Amazon for eight servings and will create an incredibly smooth and beautiful brew for you. Although of course, they can only be used with the Dolce Gusto coffee machine. 

Nespresso Vanilla Eclair

If you’re looking for something a little different, Nespresso have a wide range of gorgeous flavours in milk pods. 

Vanilla Eclair is our favourite, although you can also get flavours such as Cosi, which has more fruity tones into your milky coffee.

Buy your coffee pods today

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How To Do Latte Art At Home: A complete Guide

Sometimes nothing sets you up for a day better than when a barista draws you a nice little pattern in your cup of coffee. It’s sometimes better than the cup itself!

Latte art has become hugely popular over the last few years, with many taking to social media to highlight the fancy patterns brewed into their cup.

But did you know there are ways to create latte art at home too? And it doesn’t even matter if you have a bean to cup coffee machine or manual espresso.

Take a look at our complete guide to starting to add a bit of flair to your home made cups of coffee.

DE'LONGHI - Eletta Plus ECAM 44.620.S | De'Longhi UK

Firstly, The Right Kit

Before you can even start making latte art, you need to ensure you have a coffee machine that’s capable of doing it.

You generally need a good and reliable machine to make this happen. Some of the more advanced machines on the market are better suited to this with brands such as DeLonghi having machines ideal for this.

The Eletta Plus is our favourite for latte art. It’s a bean to cup machine with dozens of settings to get the conditions just right for not only the perfect latte, but ideal for latte art too.

It’s around a few hundred to buy, and can be bought from Amazon here, so you need to be a serious coffee drinker for it to be worth your while, but most top machines are in this range and required if you wish to get creative with your coffee.

Latte Art: Step By Step

To make latte art it really is all about the micro foam you’re using. Regular milk on coffee simply won’t work and you need a good amount of crema and textured steamed milk.

To do this you need to follow these steps…

Latte art – Choosing a milk frother | Taste of PhD

Step One: Making Foam

Pour enough cold milk into your steam pitcher and ensure it’s around 1°C. This will allow you enough time to steam the milk and prevent the risk of scalding.

You then need to turn on the steam and raise the wand relatively slowly in order to create a smooth and velvety texture.

Once it’s reached around 37°C, you can then start to prepare further. In order to get the right texture you need to spin the milk anti clockwise with the want towards the bottom of the pitcher. Continue this until the temperature reaches around 65°C.

Remove the wand, allowing the milk to settle and then swirl it quickly to remove all the bubbles and continue that texturisation.


Two Cups of Espresso Being Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

Step Two: Making The Espresso

As soon as your foam is ready you should start making your espresso shots. This will take around 20-25 seconds. Once done it’s time to pour into your cup or glass.

The Complete Guide to Pouring Latte Art - Prima Coffee

Step Three: Adding the Milk & Creating Art

Your shots shouldn’t rest more than 10 seconds on its own in your cup, and milk should be added in almost immediately.

You can then start to create your art. You should pour your milk from high to low. Once it is nearly half full you should then start pouring towards the back of your cup, which is when you can begin to make patterns.

The art comes from gently shaking or adjusting your wrist and all shapes need to be delicately poured.

Ultimately though it’s all about getting the milk right in the first instance. Nail that and the cup is your oyster.

The Five Best Retro Coffee Machines

When it comes to kitchen appliances nowadays, for some, their appearance is just as important as their performance. An unaesthetically pleasing appliance can throw the whole theme of the kitchen right off, even more so if they don’t match.

Retro-style kitchens are the must-have at the moment and as a result, a number of leading kitchen technology brands have released some brilliant retro-esque appliances. And of course, what kitchen isn’t complete without a Coffee Machine?

Our experts tried and tested a range of retro looking Coffee Machines on the market and gave us their verdict. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best Retro Coffee Machines, not just in appearance but in price and performance.


DeLonghi ECOV311.BG Vintage Icona Espresso

DeLonghi always deliver when it comes to coffee machines and they’ve done it again with the Vintage Icona Espresso. This pump machine follows the trend of vintage and retro concepts to deliver the tools needed to create the quality of coffee you thought only Baristas could manage.

The machine sports advanced technology that guarantees a perfect and authentic Italian espresso. And if espressos aren’t your thing, the “Cappuccino System” combines steam, air and milk producing a rich and creamy froth for delicate cappuccino.

With two separate thermostats, you are able to control water and steam temperatures separately and the machine can be used with either ground coffee, or the Easy Serving Espresso pods. Though, be sure to bear in mind that it is only capable of producing two cups at once, so if multiple cups are needed at the same time, if you may wish to look elsewhere. However, thanks to its self-priming system, the machine is always ready for use so making extra cups will take no time at all. And with an auto-off function, the machine is energy efficient.

Boasting a removable 1.4 litre tank and removable drip tray, the machine is easy to clean meaning that maintenance requires little effort. Available in cream, the machine is purchasable from £159.99, the cheapest price we found.

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Ascaso Dream Versatile Coffee Machine

This Coffee Machine promises to take your coffee to the next and it does not just that but with its flawless retro appearance, it will help take your kitchen to the next level. It is available in a range of colours including Meadow Green, Red Gloss, Matte Black, Matte Cream, Matte White, Sun Yellow, Orange Gloss, Matte Chocolate and Polished Aluminium.

Ascaso’s Dream Coffee Machine comes with a cup warmer meaning that if you do become preoccupied whilst brewing your coffee, it will still be warm when you return. The removable 1.3 litre water tank and inox tray both make for easy cleaning.

The dream machine certainly lives up to its ‘versatile’ title and is capable of using ground coffee, pods and pads. Sporting a milk frother, you’re able to make the creamiest cappuccinos if espressos aren’t your thing. Its solenoid anti drip valve stops dripping after the coffee is brewed maximising its excellent taste.

The machine comes with a two year warranty and is able to buy from £489.00 from new, or there are several second-hand machines available for £299.00 if you aren’t looking to spend that much.

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Ariete Vintage Espresso Machine

Granted, upon first appearance this Ariete release does resemble something of a sewing machine, however, it is the latest member in the successful range of Toasters, Kettles and Coffee Machines in RetroStyle. The Vintage Espresso and Cappuccino promises to be no different and duly delivers.

With its 15 bar pression, filter holder pods and two powder cups and milk frother, you can prepare coffee and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home, as intense and as creamy as the ones in Starbucks.

The 0.9 litre tank is removable, as is the drip tray which means cleaning is a breeze. The standby function makes for great energy efficient and at just 4kg, the machine is incredibly lightweight. Available in Mint Green, Light Blue and Vintage Beige, the choice is yours. For just £179.00, you can’t go wrong at all.

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Smeg ECF01CRUK 50’s Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine

When it comes aesthetic kitchen appliances, no-one does it quite like Smeg. Their Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine which comes with a choice of Cream, Black, Red or Pastel Blue is as brilliant in appearance as it is in performance.

With 15 bar professional pressure and three buttons including a one-cup button, a two-cup button and steam option, you can make Barista quality coffee at home for you and a guest. With a 1-litre removable water tank and water filter as well as a descaling light indicator, cleaning has never been easier.

The cord length of just 1-metre may seem short to some but the machine itself has a net weight of just 5 kg meaning that moving the machine is easy if necessary. At £279.00, it’s a tad more expensive than the DeLonghi and Ariete but it’s well worth the extra expense.

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KitchenAid Nespresso Artisan Coffee Machine

It’s no secret that KitchenAid produce some excellent cake mixers but how do they fair when it comes to Coffee Machines? Pretty well as it goes. The Nespresso Artisan comes in a sleek finish and in a range of colours; Almond Cream, Candy Apple, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver, Empire Red and Frosted Pearl so you’re sure to be able to find something that matches your kitchen.

With a 19 bar high pressure system, quality coffee is guaranteed and with this machine all of the hard work is done for you. There is six pre-programmed cup sizes, an emptying mode for care and a descaling mode meaning maintenance is minimal.

It is able to produce variable strengths of coffee to taste meaning you can always brew the perfect cup for you, from ristretto to lungo. And with a heat-up time of just 30 seconds, that morning rush is no more, plus the automatic shut off will put your mind at ease. The 1.4 litre removable tank is easy to fill and clean and allows multiple servings for you and any guests. The cheapest price we found is £247.20, an investment that is more than worth it.

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Melitta F850-102 Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine Review


As far as been to cup coffee machines go, the Melitta has really impressed us and can do the lot. With a unique design and a variety of different coffee making abilities, this slick machine is sure to find you the right coffee to wake you up and prepare you for your day.

Key Features

. Can make 21 specialist pre-set coffees using original recipes and the right coffee beans-and to the strength you require

. Has touch sensitive operation without big bulky buttons that get in the way so is easier and smoother to use

. Machine supplies coffee such as espresso, ristretto and lungo, as well as double espresso

. The machine also produces fine cafe creme, americano cappuccino, latte or macchiato so can cater for all your coffee needs

. The bespoke milk attachment chamber can deliver creamy milk on demand

. With the Melitta Connect app you can prepare your coffee from your phone meaning you can create your coffee from the comfort of your own bed; it also has the capability to store many people’s orders and favourite coffees

. The dual bean store means that you don’t need to empty out one supply to swap for another, creating less mess and making this machine easy to use

. Programmes can be set to dispense two coffees at a time meaning if you want to make multiple coffees it won’t take you ages, as can be the case with other models

. The machine monitors the amount of beans in the machine and warns you when you have nearly run out so you will never run out again

. Models come in stainless steel, black and silver 

. The water container holds up to 1.8 litres of water


This machine is not cheap, and will set you back around £850, but is value for money as you are getting one of the best bean to cup coffee machines out there on the market. If money is not your biggest concern then this is a great choice as the machine will deliver great taste and style and will also last for many years to come.


Although it will set you back around £850, given its endless features and SMART capabilities, the Melitta is one of the slickest looking and useful bean to cup machines currently available. It is the ideal machine for all true coffee lovers and It’s an investment for the future that will guarantee that you save money in the long run whilst enjoying some truly amazing coffee.

Coffee Around the World

Coffee makes the world go round, we’re of it. And our beloved Coffee Machines are the driving force, whether it be a Capsule Coffee Machine, Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso Coffee Machine or Filter Coffee Machine.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day as people around the world savour the taste of the delicious bean. But not everyone drinks coffee the same way. Our experts noticed this and took it on board, here are just some of the ways different nations enjoy coffee around the world.



Traditionally, roasted and finely ground coffee beans are simmered in a special pot made out brass, this is called a cezve. The coffee in Turkey is prepared unfiltered so the grounds can settle to the bottom meaning the brew is consumed with the grounds. Who needs a Filter Coffee Machine or Bean-to-Cup!?


Thanks to Starbucks and Costa, Frappes are incredibly popular nowadays and a great ice cold summer beverage for when you’re craving coffee. The drink is hugely popular in Greece, consisting of iced instant coffee drowned in milk foam. You can find some of our favourite Frappe recipes here.



We’re sure you’ve tried an Irish coffee before but if not, it’s a delicious coffee-cocktail. This consists of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, topped with a rich thick cream.


You can thank this beautiful country for the bond you share with your Espresso Machine. Why not try an Espresso Romano? An authentic Italian espresso that is finished with a slice of lemon. The citrus is said to bring out the sweet flavours of the java.


You’ve probably heard of Café au lait and can probably tell by its name that the brew stems from France. In France, they like to make their coffee with equal parts steamed milk and freshly brewed coffee. Hack: serve it in a large mug so you can fully submerge your croissant.



If you enjoy a sweeter brew rather than bitter then Spain is the country for you. Café bombon is an intensely thick and sugary drink with an equal amount of condensed milk stirred into black coffee.



Certainly one of the most delicious to feature on the list and similar to a cappuccino, this brew is espresso topped with steamed milk and milk foam. It’s sometimes topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder which certainly takes over fancy.


In this part of Scandinavia, hot coffee is poured over chunks of cheese curds. We do concede that it doesn’t sound very appealing but the Finnish can’t get enough this combo. In fact, per capita, the Finnish actually consume more coffee than America!



In Malaysia, their speciality coffee drink, known as yuangyang can be served either hot or cold. The brew is three parts black coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea. That is a mix of black tea and milk. Coffee and tea in the same drink? How very interesting.


In Vietnam, coffee is known to be both very sweet and very strong. Usually iced, the drink is made up of coarsely ground dark roast coffee, brewed straight into a cup of condensed milk before being iced through a French drip filter.



Cinnamonum verum
This aromatic blend of dark coffee blends perfectly with warm spices like black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom. The ultimate autumn and winter brew.


Elsewhere in Africa, Senegal also add spice to their coffee. The brew is flavoured with Guinea pepper and sometimes cloves. Before roasting, the spices are mixed in with the coffee beans before being ground and filtered.

South America:


The Mexicans enjoy their coffee simmered with a cinnamon stick. The brew is usually finished with unrefined cane sugar, also known as piloncillo to use the correct term. It is served in a clay mug as locals believe this helps to release the coffee’s flavours.


In Cuba, it’s fair to say they like to keep their coffee simple, small and strong. A popular brew is espresso brewed with sugar.


Cafezinho is the most popular drink for Brazil’s locals. The brew is very much similar to an espresso, the drink is a small and strong cup of java. Cafezinhos are pre-sweetened and usually brewed straight with the sugar.

Rest of the World:



This is a drink largely associated with ‘hipsters’ and millennials, and we’re unsure why. The flat white originates from Australia and is similar to a latte, only smaller in volume. Made by pouring microfoam – steamed velvety milk – over a shot of espresso.


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