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With so many brands and different varieties of coffee machine on the market it can be difficult to know which coffee machine you should buy. Here at Coffee Machine Reviews we realise it can be a tough decision but to make it a little bit easier we’ve done all the hard work for you and researched many of the most popular brands to find the best options on the market.

There are some familiar names featured in our brand reviews and some not so well known names who’ve made it on merit – fingers crossed there’s something for everyone:


Bosch have been in the market for some time now but many haven’t realised they were there. Bosch produce many different machines for the Coffee Capsule company Tassimo (made by Douwe Egberts) offering a huge range of designs and styles centring on the Capsule style.

Bosch have also entered the market with machines of their own design making use of the Bean-to-Cup style. In typical fashion, the machines designed and built by Bosch are incredibly cost effective and they are very reliable. As a brand best known for producing power tools and white goods, Bosch entered the market for smaller electricals with a great reputation for reliability and customer support – a great starting point for the brand.

The company produce commercial and domestic machines ranging from a hefty £3,000 down to a budget range starting from around £35 covering all bases in between. A mid-range Bosch machine will set you back a little over £100 but, with the company’s excellent customer service and warranty options in mind, it’s well worth the expense.

They do restrict the options to Capsule and Bean-to-Cup variants as they are predominantly a technology brand favouring the automatic style over the more manual operation. They do produce a small range of Filter machines but they are very low cost and don’t appear to be built to last – it isn’t worth investing in one of these machines unless you intend to use it very sparingly.

Bosch coffee machines have received very favourable reviews, for the most part, by those who have purchased them – usually achieving between four and five stars. Visit our reviews page for our take on Bosch’s offerings.

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A name more commonly associated with stylish kettles, Bialetti have developed a vast range of Capsule machines and a smaller range of Bean-to-Cup models designed in the same image as the iconic Bialetti kettle. Sadly, the brand appears to be mostly concerned with the appearance of their products over their functionality which meets the criteria for some but definitely not all.

It is also very unclear as to which brand of Capsules can be used in Bialetti’s machines. Their advertising is emblazoned with their own brand and gives no indication of whether they have produced the pods or a third party. We can confirm they make their own pods and they are mostly available to purchase online unless you have access to a premium supermarket or department store – very restrictive and expensive.

The Bialetti message appears to be style over substance but the reviews are favourable seeing most of the products netting four stars. The other positive comes in the form of the initial purchase price which tops out at around £270 which is really very low for a fantastically designed product but there is a catch – their pods are very expensive with 160 capsules coming in at roughly £40 on eBay where the best prices are assured.

Depending on your desires, Bialetti with either be perfect for you or virtually useless. If you’re seeking a stylish design that you’ll use sparingly then you won’t go far wrong with Bialetti but for daily use, it may be better to look elsewhere.

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Russell Hobbs

A very well-known kitchen brand; Russell Hobbs have been synonymous with affordable kitchen appliances for years and they have one of the best performing ranges in Bean-to-Cup and Filter coffee machines around. Having such an impressive reputation can weigh heavily on a manufacturer but the years of experience Russell Hobbs have accrued means they can wholly live up to expectations.

They may not offer a Capsule system as part of their range but it is clear the belief is that the other systems aren’t broken and therefore don’t need to be fixed. The Bean-to-Cup systems offered by Russell Hobbs are compact and efficient but they are low on numbers – there’s one overall design with additional features offered as the cost increases.

Russell Hobbs instead focus mostly on the Filter coffee design and refining the process. Granted, the process can’t overly be sped up as Filter coffee relies on a long infusion to produce its rich taste but Russell Hobbs have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure the coffee produced is of the highest quality.

The most impressive feature of the Russell Hobb’s premium range of Filter coffee machines is the addition of a grinder built in to the device. This fusion of styles increases the quality of the coffee produced and reduces the amount of effort required to actually use the machine but for this added feature the cost sits at around £240 – a sharp increase considering a mid-range Russell Hobbs machine is £90.

A few of the more budget options do have the grinder but the system isn’t nearly as refined as the more expensive product. If anything, it looks as though the grinder was an afterthought and it doesn’t appear to be built to last – cheap plastic grinding wheels won’t be effective for too long and it’s worth spending the extra to get the most for your money.

Russell Hobbs produce products that are usually incredible value for money but coffee machines need to be durable and easy to maintain which means a much greater spend – enough to put some off.

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Another familiar name in kitchen appliances, DeLonghi really push the boundaries of acceptability as far as their pricing goes. Their top end products exceed £1,400 and they are domestic machines not commercial which raises many questions as to why they are quite so expensive. The most expensive machine fuses styles with the option for Filter, Espresso and Bean-to-Cup offered in one product – good if you can’t decide which you prefer but scarcely worth the money.

Even DeLonghi’s mid-range products sit at around £230 which is just a little too much when you consider the price of the comparative Bosch or Russell Hobbs product. Their Capsule range does make use of the less costly Nespresso range which is a perk after the initial purchase but their entry level machine is a hefty £119 which would deter many.

The news gets progressively worse as DeLonghi’s products are also very unattractive as a general statement. They’re quite blocky and some are very large meaning finding a place for them in your kitchen could be a struggle. The Capsule machines have clearly been designed in partnership with Nescafe as they are a little more stylish but still quite large which we found quite offputting.

Entering a congested market with such expensive flagship products was a bold move by DeLonghi, especially when many of their other products are very cost effective. As far as their coffee machines go, they are aiming to be a premium brand but don’t carry the reputation to back up their claims – the coffee is good but the cost is not.

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The German kitchen appliance manufacturers, Krups, have produced some eye-catching designs and blend Espresso and Bean-to-Cup styles together to form very functional machines that require little effort to use. Efficient design combined with brilliant functionality has given Krups a very secure place in the market but it isn’t all good news.

A mid-range Bean-to-Cup model will set customers back around £330 but it is worth spending the extra money on a Krups machine. The after care is exceptional with a two year long warranty offered on all their products plus the promise that any of their machines that develops a fault outside of the warranty can be repaired by Krups themselves for a nominal fee.

Krups also have ties with Nescafe to produce Nespresso machines and these are very affordable with most of the range available at around £100. When compared to other Nespresso brands this is an incredible price to access the high quality coffee Nescafe offer – the pods aren’t too expensive either which is an added bonus.

The German brand even produce entry level Filter coffee machines for less than £50 which are still covered by the two year guarantee. This is an amazing price for such a well manufactured item with this level of warranty – Krups have made big steps in the market and will no doubt soon dominate it with their outstanding range of products.

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Morphy Richards

Despite not offering the widest range of products, Morphy Richards do offer some very impressive coffee machines at very low prices. The British manufacturer’s top end machine is an automated Espresso maker that costs £115 – and that’s their most expensive item!

Granted, there is more of a focus on Filter coffee machines as they are less complex to design and operate but with three reliable, attractive Espresso machines in their range it’s hard to see why you would use another brand over Morphy Richards. They don’t produce a Capsule machine at present which is rather a large drawback for those who prefer the tastes from around the world or the convenience but this straightforward approach to the Coffee Machine is very refreshing.

There’s an air of ‘no nonsense’ about the Morphy Richards brand which is ideal for those who simply want a Coffee Machine that makes coffee – pure and simple. It may not be the best brand for those seeking an outlandish design with a steam arm and various other adornments – Bialetti or DeLonghi are more the brands for you should this be your desire.

Morphy Richards also offer an impressive two year guarantee but it isn’t as flexible or as straight forward as others. The initial receipt is essential to the guarantee but you must also register the product online once purchased – should the product be replaced within the two years the remaining guarantee refers to the original purchase and not the replacement date.

Warranty aside, Morphy Richards are a great brand with a rich history of manufacturing kitchen appliances. They are a name you can trust and they offer some of the best prices on the market for truly excellent products.

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